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How to Replace and Install a Kia Soul Air Filter

Your Kia Soul requires a well-maintained air filter to ensure a safe and healthy ride every time you get behind the wheel. The air filter is responsible for cleaning the flow of air and oxygen that enter your engine. Making up half of the mixture that creates the energy needed to power your Kia Soul, clean air is essential for reliable operation! If dirt, rust, or any other contaminants plague your engine, it’s likely that your air filter needs swift replacement. 

Before replacing your air filter with just any old filter, make sure to double check with your manufacturer to find the right air filter for your make and model year. Luckily, air filters are relatively cheap and easy to obtain. Once you have the correct air filter for your Kia Soul, follows these steps to successfully install the filter into your vehicle!

  • Open the hood and find the air filter box to the right of the engine; this is a large plastic case. Find the two metals tabs on the air box, one located in the front and one located on the back-right side of the plastic casing, both near the bottom of the box.
  • Pull the tab clips out (use a flathead screwdriver if you cannot reach your hand down past the casing) and lift/pull the air box towards you (stand on the opposite side of the engine so you are standing on the driver’s side of the vehicle, facing the engine with the air filter box between you and the engine).
  • The air box will now be loose enough to access the air filter, but if you don’t want to hold the box up while you work, use a Phillips head screwdriver to loosen and remove the clamp located on the upper left side of the air box, nearest the engine. It is a small, single bolt that can be removed to take the entire plastic casing off the air filter.
  • Pull the air filter out with your hand and simply slide the new air filter into the slot where the old filter came out of. Make sure the filter is facing the same direction as the original filter.
  • If you unscrewed the clamp holding the air box down, replace this bolt. Re-clamp the plastic tabs on the sides of the air box.

If you followed these steps closely, you should have a brand-new air filter installed in your Kia Soul! Replace your air filter every 15,000-30,000 miles, or at least every three years, to keep your engine healthy and maintained. With this helpful guide, you can save money on trips to the mechanic shop!

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