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How to Install a Roof Rack for your Kia Soul

Adding a roof rack to your vehicle expands the space you have to carry extra gear or larger items when going on a road trip or vacation. They’re a great addition to a car when you find yourself lacking space to fit things comfortably or find yourself hauling larger gear from place to place. Some cars may come standard with side bars and cross bars already built in for you to attach a mount or accessory to. However, for cars that don’t, you are able to build and install a basic roof rack yourself.

Before you decide on the roof rack you wish to purchase, use an online fit guide to enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle to determine what size you will need to buy. You should also check the manufacturer’s guide to see the amount of weight your car’s roof can withstand. Many roof racks can support a considerable amount.

Installing the Rack

Now that you’ve determined what roof rack will fit the year of your Kia Soul properly, installation is relatively simple. Identifying the parts that come with your kit is key. Once you’ve done so, you can move on to attaching the rack to your Kia.

  1. Attach the roof rack towers to your jet stream bar by locating the open spaces at the end of the bar. Line the towers up with the track and slide them into place. Attach the endcaps after sliding the towers on so they stay in place.
  2. Locate the four attachment points on the top of your Kia. These are usually plastic pieces marked with an arrow. Use a Flathead screwdriver to push these pieces off, revealing the spot where you will attach your roof rack landing pads.
  3. Set down the landing pads on top of the attachment points. On the inside where you connect the cross bars, place a washer.
  4. Install bolts in the middle of the landing pads to allow your jet stream bar to attach.
  5. Make sure the towers attached to your jet stream bar are in the open position. Set them in to place on the landing pads.
  6. While they are still loose, measure the overhang on both sides of the car so make sure the bar is evenly placed.
  7. Once you’ve determined the bar is even, you can tighten both sides using a torquing tool until you hear clicks.
  8. After tightening the bolts, you can close the open ends of the towers to lock the bar into place.

You’ve completed a basic roof rack installation – it’s time to hit the road! Of course, you can buy additional mounts or accessories depending on what gear you want to haul. Simply having the basic framework in place means the possibilities are endless.

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