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How to Install a Cargo Cover

Cargo covers are great accessories that are used to add security to your vehicle by hiding any items that you may have stored in your trunk. They also can be a great way to shade items during the summertime when you have your vehicle parked for an extended period of time. They can even serve as a barrier to keep items from flying around in the case of an accident. 

These covers are easily installed in your car and can always be removed and stored when you don’t think you’ll be using them, or if you have larger items that you need to fit in the back of your car.

There are a few types of cargo covers you can choose from. The fabric varieties are the easiest to install and remove.

For fabric cargo covers, the installation is simple:

  1. Grab the cargo cover by the middle. The ends of the cargo cover are spring loaded, easily locking into place into fitted slots on either side of your vehicle.
  2. There is extra material at the back of the cover that folds down or can extend depending on what position the seats are in. If the seats are upright, you can extend the material and hook it to the headrests of the vehicle. If the seats are leaned back, then the material will collapse on its own.

Once the cargo cover is installed, all you have to do is slide it open or shut to access your items underneath.

To remove the cargo cover, simply take one end and pull it forward and the other will follow. You can store the cargo cover at the bottom of your trunk or underneath the tire well.

We highly recommend that you invest in a cargo cover, at least for use during the holiday seasons when theft is more prevalent. They’re an inexpensive investment that will keep prying eyes away from your goods. 

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