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Finding and Installing the Right Bulbs for your Vehicle

When you have a headlight burn out in your Kia, it becomes immediately obvious. With less light (or zero light if both bulbs are faulty or damaged), driving in dark or stormy conditions can become dangerous and reckless. Prevent harm to you and others on the road by replacing your headlights with quality bulbs!

Your vehicle depends on properly-functioning headlights and tail lights to provide you with vision on the road. While driving your Kia, always be aware of the strength of your lights. If you begin to notice a weak beam or flickering lights, check the bulb and socket to ensure the connection is sound.

Headlights don’t last forever, so when the time comes to replace them, make sure you find the right bulbs and fittings! These parts need to work in unison to achieve the bright and bold lights you’re accustomed to. Find the proper combination for your Kia vehicle, then follow these steps to install your brand-new light bulbs.

  • Find the headlight holder (through the engine compartment) that is attached with a power connector leading to the bulb. This power connector is generally found with three wires attached.
  • Remove the wires! Push down on the plastic or metal catch to release the plug, and then carefully pull the plug out. Some plugs are screw caps, so be sure to check which kind it is before forcing it out of the holder. Now, pop out the old bulb (might have to twist it a little bit to get it loose).
  • Using gloves, clean the new bulb with alcohol wipes before installing it. You don’t want oils or grease from smudging up your new light! Reinstall the light with the same power connector, ensuring that none of the bulb’s rubber gasket is showing.

If everything went smoothly, you should be able to test your headlights now!

Don’t wait until you’re driving blind through the night. By purchasing the correct headlight bulbs for your Kia, you are investing in your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. 

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