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Benefits of Owning a Bumper Cover (And How to Replace it!)

As the proud owner of a Kia Sorento, you want to do whatever you can to protect your prized investment. Parts and accessories like bumper covers provide an unmatched level of defense and security for your vehicle! The bumper’s job is to protect the sensitive components of your vehicle in a low-speed impact. A bumper cover multiplies this benefit while adding a stylish look to your Kia Sorento.

If another layer of protection combined with an aesthetic upgrade is what you’re after, look no further than a bumper cover. Made of either plastic or fiberglass, the bumper cover fits snugly over the bumper itself. This part acts as a shield and comes in all different varieties, satisfying even the pickiest Sorento owner.

While the bumper itself does a good job at protecting you and the vehicle in a light collision, a quality bumper cover will offer even more security. With this second layer of durable material, the bumper will be able to absorb and dissipate a much greater amount of shock during an impact.

Bumper covers are relatively inexpensive and easily-installed accessory that add both protection and style to your Kia Sorento. Installation of the bumper cover can be done at home! Follow these steps to get your bumper secure with a quality bumper cover. 

  • Prime the bumper cover before installing onto your existing bumper.
  • Remove the front wheel well liners so that you can get to the retaining bolts
  • Using either a socket/flat wrench or a drill, depending on how the bolts are screwed in, remove the retaining bolts
  • Slide the bumper cover horizontally until it slides off (save all fasteners in case the new bumper cover doesn’t come with replacement fasteners)
  • Place the new bumper cover in the correct position and re-screw in the retaining bolts
  • Replace fasteners

Take pride in your Kia Sorento! With the right style and design, a bumper cover can completely change the performance and look of your vehicle. Make sure to only shop for the highest quality bumper covers available, as these will last the longest and require the least amount of care. 

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